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What Do I Do?

I work in the background on infrastructure that runs businesses and keeps operations flowing smoothly.

From provisioning virtual machines in a private cloud and monitoring and supporting database architecture to maintaining and updating middleware linux systems, I can work with a variety of business needs.

What Do I Use?


C#   C11   JavaEE   Node   Python
   PHP   SQL   JS   Bash   GoLang


REST   .NET   JSON   Spring   Concurrency
   JDBC   RelationalDB   Proxy Routing
YAML   Containerization


VMWare   IBM Cloud   Elastic   DB2   RHEL
   Eclipse   Visual Studio   SSH   Postman
MongoDB   Supabase   Digital Ocean   GitHub
   GitLab   Docker

What Team Is For Me?

I prefer an on-site or hybrid team. You can't really appreciate face to face discussions and meetings until COVID takes it away from you for years.

Are you in need of a DevOps role? Or just a Backend Engineer? I can build features and add functionality to your products while filling in the gaps for monitoring and support.